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Randall B. Coverman MD & Alandrea for Skincare

Dr. Randall Coverman is one of Orlando's leading dermatologists. He is board certified and credited with opening the first medical skincare practice in the southeast!!  In addition, he has been performing the MOHS procedure longer than any other Physician in central Florida. With over 34 years of experience, he and his staff  look forward to remaining a leader in both the medical and the cosmetic Dermatology industry.

Dr. Coverman was born in Ohio and grew up in South Florida.  He attended the University of Florida and received his medical degree from the University of Miami school of medicine.  After completing a medical intership at the University of Texas, San Antonio, he went on to Los Angeles for his 3 year dermatology residency at UCLA.  During that time he completed a 1 year MOHS skin cancer fellowship, and had the privilige to study with Dr. Frederick Mohs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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